Scratching the surface with Houdini 17 Vellum!

Houdini 17 just released and I can definitely say this is has been on of the biggest overhauls so far. Lots of new tools parts of the interface have been revamped and simplified. So Here I am just messing around with a bit of what vellum has to offer.

vellum Ball v4.gif
Houdini 17 Vellum.png
Houdini 17 Vellum Setup Node Graph.png

Personal project: Rendering with Redshift, How good is it?

Progress of “INTO THE NIGHT” project. I will keep positing more revisions as I finish them. Hope you guys can enjoy the progression.

I picked Reshift about a year ago and I can now say I am comfortable using it in production. Currently I am working on a personal project were I can test lots of things inside of Redshift. Things like volumes, emission materials, instances, motion blur. Bellow are some of my test renders so far.

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